Synergy | Healing Centre in Fujairah

Our Difference

& Spirit 

We believe that everything in the body is interconnected. And that true well-being comes from addressing both the body and the mind. But we also know that recovering from surgery, or addressing chronic pain, needs the right specialist treatment. Which is why we create a soothing environment where Ayurvedic knowledge combines with physiotherapeutic skills for the most effective treatments possible.

We are experts: All our motivators and therapists are qualified experts. We create bespoke treatments for all your health needs – from general well-being to specific joint, postural and chronic pain issues.

We are welcoming: At Synergy, we believe in the power of peace. We’ve created an environment where the mind starts healing from the minute you step in the door. From friendly smiles to cutting-edge therapy, your journey will always be one of welcome and care.

We deliver results: We pride ourselves on results. All our guests are carefully monitored by resident experts who evaluate gains and concerns on each visit. All our treatments and sessions are focused on you and what you want to achieve.

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