Synergy | Healing Centre in Fujairah

Our Process

A Healing 
For you

Our process is all about you. The first step is to make you feel entirely at home, and welcome you to a facility designed entirely around your needs. Our beaming receptionist welcomes you in with a smile and makes you feel at home. That's important, because stress goes against everything we believe in.

Then, our staff members will become involved in answering your questions and asking you some in return - to better understand your goals and ailments. Once you’re entirely at ease, and we’ve gotten to know what you want to achieve, you’ll head to our Ayurvedic professionals. They’ll make sure your recommended treatments are tailored to your body.

If you haven’t been sent to us through a hospital or doctor, we’ll follow up with a careful analysis so we can tailor a safe wellness program just for you.

At Synergy, our first concern is your well-being. Throughout your journey, our specialists will monitor all your treatments to ensure you get the world-class care you deserve.

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