August 2018

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August is crammed full of days celebrating different fruits throughout the world. At Synergy, we’re doubling down on the health benefits of these gifts of nature too. Throughout August, we’re bringing you our menu of delicious fresh juice concoctions at 15% off. Choose from our immunity boosters, detoxifiers and healing superchargers at a new great price for four weeks. Try crowd-pleasing favourites such as the Happy Belly pear, pineapple, beetroot, mint and lime concoction. Or treat yourself to a special supercharged detox with Emerald, or guava, spinach, kale, celery and lime cocktail. From hydrating Pinacoladas to the energy-infusing Iron Man, there’s something in the menu for everyone.

And there’s more. We’re also offering 15% off on all our herbal tea infusions through the month. So whether it’s the charms of Pandan tea that appeal, or the soothing aroma of Hibiscus, or perchance the relaxing properties of Chamomile or even the pain and blood-pressure relieving properties of Chrysanthemum, there’s an entire universe of delicious teas to try at great prices.

Wait - because that’s not all. Ever wonder what it takes to craft the perfectly balanced cocktail of juices? Where taste, texture and appealing flavours combine with great health benefits?

Well, wonder no more because in celebration of the month, we’re setting you up with our free Juice Blend Skills class on August 25th. You’ll join our juice master to explore health-giving mixes that taste beautiful together. The class will unlock the secrets of getting the acidic balance and flavour profile just right, with special tips and tricks on balancing out sweetness and sourness.



They’re fresh, they’re delicious, they’re potent antioxidants, and they’re now at Synergy. In August, our beverage menu benefits from new additions as Matcha tea and lattes join our offerings – as does an organic cold brew coffee.

Matcha contains a unique, potent class of antioxidant known as catechins that just aren’t found in other foods. Catechins have been shown to have potent cancer-fighting properties – among heaps of other benefits.

At Synergy, our beverage experts are harnessing this healthy goodness in the form of delicious drinks with natural sweetness and flavours.

If you’re fond of speciality coffees, you’ll love our new cold brew coffee. This carefully crafted organic blend is sourced from Thailand. It takes fourteen to sixteen hours for the coffee to be brewed using cold methods in our special presses.

What’s the benefit of a long, slow, cold brew? Cold brewing reduces the acidity that you might associate with hot espresso. The longer brew times also open up and separate the flavours, bringing out delicate smoky caramel sensations with a citrusy punch to tantalise your taste buds. It’s a very different experience from ordering a supermarket cappuccino brewed in seconds with boiling water. Try coffee a new way – a more delicate, subtle and delicious way, with all the flavour but none of the burnt bitterness.


Sustainable weight loss is tricky. You need rapid results to keep your motivation up. But at the same time, unhealthy weight loss through drastic calorie restrictions is unsustainable, and usually results in people yo-yoing. There’s always the fear of gaining it all back, and more.

Fear not, because Synergy is now taking a weight off your shoulders and putting you firmly in charge of the weighing scales with our special holistic weight control programme. We’ve put together a potent combination of Ayurvedic slimming treatments for a fat-melting punch.

Your package includes five powerful 90 minute Udwarthanam Ayurvedic treatments for the all-inclusive price of AED 1280!

So take control of that waistline, and do it in a way that leaves you feeling youthful and energetic, not drained and hungry.


By popular demand, Synergy is now introducing manicures and pedicures to its beauty treatment roster. Now, you can workout, relax, detox and walk out the door looking your best with your hands and feet carefully pampered by our well-being artists.

Manicures and pedicures aren’t just aesthetic treatments. They include relaxing massages that improve blood circulation, increase small joint mobility and reduces the chances of nails developing fungi or discolouration.

Book an appointment with a manicure and pedicure artist at Synergy today.

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