August 2019

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Month Of Thai

This month of August, we’re celebrating all things Thai, and the influence the country has on promoting global well-being. First, let’s talk about our new Thai massage. It’s a special massage that is based on the traditional healing system “nuat thai” that combines acupressure, Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. The aim is to heal and rejuvenate muscle, and alleviate sports injuries while maximising performance.

Thai massage is known for its restorative properties. Our therapist will consult with you beforehand to create a bespoke treatment to address your specific needs. Lie down in one of our tranquil treatment rooms, in loose comfortable clothing. Soothing music plays, the lighting is low and warm, the temperature is just how you like it. A comfortable mattress, flat to the floor, supports your limbs.

With Thai massage, muscles are not rubbed as in other forms of massage. Our therapist will place you in a number of yoga-like positions, and then compress, pull, stretch and rock your body. The massage follows designated lines in the body- called “sen”. This rhythmic pressing and stretching of your body allows energy to flow and circulate freely. Our Thai massage does away with oils and lotions to emphasise deep tissue and muscle manipulation for maximum benefits!

The Thai approach to massage makes treatments enjoyable while they do you good. Tension will be released, relaxing and calming your whole body. Pent-up energy will flow more freely and encourage deep, restful sleep. You’ll emerge restored, relaxed and revived.

Read about our Thai herbal infusions and oils in the next section as we continue celebrating our Month of Thai!



Choose to Infuse

We’re continuing our celebration of all things Thai by taking you on a tour of our health-giving Thai herbal teas, infusions and skincare products

Essential herbs form an important part of Thai medicine, and herbal lore is complementary to the practice of Thai massage. Full-bodied, full of flavour, our Thai herbal teas are packed with goodness and have an array of beneficial properties.

Our therapists will help you choose an infusion based on your own particular needs. We have blends to energise, blends to cleanse, to detoxify, to relax and to encourage better digestion. Sip a fragrant beverage of beautifully-blended ingredients, a bespoke tonic for your own personal health. Bring home your favourite blend for continued benefits on a daily basis.

Try our sweet and aromatic Pandan blend, which helps to lower blood pressure. Or sip on our hibiscus tea, packed with antioxidants to fight ageing and disease. All from Thailand, they complement our treatments beautifully.

Let’s head to the Thai skincare products part of our suite of services, and also available to enjoy at home. Savour the aroma of our delicate Blue Chamomile oil, proven to nourish skin and restore balance. Breathe in the calming scent of our Neroli oil, which helps relieve anxiety and insomnia. Beautiful oils are blended for a complex finish, while luxurious body lotions and hand creams smooth and nourish your skin. They’ll become an essential part of your beauty and wellness routine once you’ve tried them.

There’s no time like the Month of Thai to try our range of beautiful products from the country and enjoy their health-giving benefits.



Top to Toe Grooming

It’s the perfect finishing point, the final touch to a well-groomed image - and yet it’s often the very first thing people notice about you. Beautiful, well-manicured nails are a sign of self-care, a way of being properly turned-out down to the last detail.

At Synergy we take nail care very seriously. Depending on your preference, we have a variety of services to keep you looking groomed, polished or party-perfect.

A basic manicure with a natural look is perfect for those who want an understated finish. Choose from an array of cheerful colours to suit your mood- or a special outfit! For a more long-lasting option, our Gelish treatments will give you beautiful nails that last and last. And for that special occasion, treat yourself to stand out tips and toes to really make an impact.

It’s not just your hands! In warm weather you’ll want to wear stylish sandals- and the condition of your feet will say a lot about you. Nobody wants to look at gnarly toenails and flaky feet- so let us get those toes gleaming with shiny health! A pedicure will remove dead skin, polish those toenails and get you sandal-ready. Give tired feet a treat with a paraffin pedicure- guaranteed to ease away all those aches and pains!



Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to all our wonderful clients! We hope that this happy occasion of Eid al-Adha brings you and your families together in peace, harmony and celebration.

Synergy will remain open during the Eid holiday from 12pm to 9 pm daily. Our yoga classes will resume from August 21st 2019 after the Eid break


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