December 2018

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Festivities start with International Tea Day!

It’s the season to be festive – and for more than one reason! Before the holiday season starts and New Years comes speeding around the corner, we’re got another festive occasion to think about. December 15th is International Tea Day. It celebrates not just this most powerful potent and humble of brews but also the entire universe of people and plantations behind your cup of delightful beverage.

International Tea Day is about being mindful of the deliciousness in your cup – and how it came to be there. The journey your tea followed, possibly over thousands of miles. How many workers carefully picked the tea leaves that you’ve just brewed, and the name of the plantation they came from. This, and a million other questions that underscore the sheer variety and complexity of tea perfection.

At Synergy, we’re getting into the act too. So ask our tea sommeliers for detailed information on where our brews and infusions come from, and we’ll be delighted to share our story of love and passion for tea with you.

To mark the occasion of International Tea Day in a special way, we’re offering 15% percent discount on all Synergy Herbal Tea boxes through the month! So when you sit back and relax with your favourite herbal concoction, you can close your eyes and picture the effort and hard work that has gone into crafting your tea.

Nor is that all. On Saturday December the 15th, join us for a special workshop on teas and juices where our resident tea expert takes you through the origins, journeys and benefits of our teas, infusions and brews. We’ll even take you through our selection of juices and their ingredients just to add more value!

And finally, don’t forget that we’ve added two new teas to our menu! Come explore the bioactive prowess of our Tiliacora Triandra tea or opt for the healthful goodness of ginger tea. An excellent way of celebrating International Tea Day!


Celebrating UAE National Day

On December 2nd 2018, the UAE is marking its 47th birthday, and we couldn’t be prouder. We want to make this a proper birthday celebration and want you to be a part of it. So we’re giving you 20% off all services booked between 4-7pm throughout the first week of December 2018! So keep your phones by your side and call in as soon as you can – but make it between 4-7pm!


More Cheer and Festivity!

The celebrations keep continuing because the winter months are the gift that just keep giving. And speaking of giving gifts, we’ve got some to give away too.

If you’re a new client looking to explore how we can help you reach the peak of physical and mental wellness, we’ve got gifts to give you. First, head to our gigantic Christmas tree and pick a parcel to take away from any one of the branches.

And also remember: your first in-depth expert consultation – where we identify your goals and understand your needs – is also on us!

We’ve got something for you if you’re an existing client too. Bring friends and family over to tour Synergy, your home of wellness – and you stand a chance of winning free massages and products! What’s more, we’re giving you special rates on our Synergy vouchers – so you can give the gift of wellness this Christmas season.

So Happy Holidays, and enjoy the season of giving with Synergy!

We’re off for New Years!

The turn of the year is almost here. It’s time to look back at a wonderful year of love and commitment as we’ve shared the joys of wellness with our clients – people who mean the most of us. We’re closed for New Years on January 1st 2019 to celebrate, take stock and reflect. We’ll be back with redoubled energy on the 2nd to start another fulfilling year will all of you. Happy New Years, everyone!

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