Feb 2018

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Inside out rejuvenation with 20% off all Colon Hydrotherapy packages

Inside out rejuvenation with 20% off on all Colon Hydrotherapy packages.jpg

Kick off the year with a detoxed and purified body at Synergy. We’re offering 20% off Colon hydrotherapy treatments to leave you feeling refreshed and lighter in mind and body.

Colon hydrotherapy is in vogue – and for good reason. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Courtney Love, Andie Macdowell, Janet Jackson, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce and Liv Tyler swear by it.

A gentle flushing of the entire colon with purified filtered water hydrates the large intestine and flushes out accumulated toxic matter – leaving you relaxed, soothed and invigorated! So walk in for a health and hydration boost, and walk out feeling like a star!

Give the gift of health this Valentine’s Day!

Give the gift of health this Valentine’s Day!.jpg

There’s no better of showing you care than giving someone the gift of well-being. That’s why at Synergy, we’ve put together our favourite aromatic products into gorgeous baskets and hampers for you to give to your loved ones.

Made with love, our hampers bring together a careful collection of premium personal care products crafted exclusively from organic ingredients. Give your special someone the soothing aromas and health benefits of fig, eucalyptus, rose, lemongrass and Pandan tea – just to name a few of the goodies we have on offer!

VAT’s going on?

VATs going on?.jpg

What VAT? While the UAE has introduced VAT for all commercial operations, we’ll continue to pamper you at the same great prices as before. Don’t worry – VAT is on us!

Be your own Aroma Therapist!

Be your own Aroma Therapist

We love pampering you, but also want to give you the power to pamper yourself. That’s why we’ve organised a special Aroma Therapy Masterclass on Saturday, February 17th 2018, where you get to create your own signature all-natural mix!

We’ll teach you to blend essential oils and fragrances for a power-packed wellness boost, or for an hour of relaxed me-time.

You’ll craft concoctions to soothe coughs and colds, treat eczema and even keep those headaches at bay.

Book now for our Aroma Therapy Masterclass by calling us on 09 222 2778.

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