February 2020

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With the very welcome arrival of Cupid at Synergy this February, let us make the most romantic month in the calendar, all about you!

Our St. Valentine’s specials are a sensuous and spiritual treat for mind, body and soul, from private couples reformer training, couples massages, body scrubs, herbal facials and more, combined with St. Valentine’s treats at our Synergy Café, February is the perfect excuse to spend ‘extra’ quality time with the love of your life!

Enjoy 14% discount this whole month of February when you book a soothing couple’s massage. We offer a blissful variety of relaxing therapies, from Marma Pressure Point massages, Ksheeradhara, full body milk treatment massages, Pizhichil, an oil bath therapy massage and many more. Let our expert masseuses take you on a salubrious journey at Synergy this St. Valentine’s Day.




Reserve your place and be part of our Full Moon Yoga assembly on Sunday 9th February 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Find inner peace under the stars, drenched in the light of the winter full moon, with our Synergy Yoga and experience a truly transcendental evening.


366 NOT 365 ...


Whilst an ordinary year has 365 days, 2020 is what’s known as a ‘Leap Year’ and has 366 days, something that only happens once every four years, and to celebrate the extra day on ‘Saturday 29th February’ we’ll be sharing 29% discount on all services, all day long … Whether that be for one of our spiritual Yoga happenings, relaxing spa treatments or energizing Pilates classes, you’re invited to benefit from our 29% Leap Year discount!




We haven’t overlooked the Valentine’s festivities at our adorable Synergy Café. Indulge your sweet tooth with our heart-shaped red velvet cake or takeaway to share the delicious goodness for just AED 29. We have also crafted an inviting and healthy meal of lentil spaghetti bolognese salads with heart beet smoothies for two and a red velvet cake to share at AED 114. Available daily from 10th February until 20th February.


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