October 2019

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Get Synergized

Let us take care of you through personalized practices to transform your health. This October… take time to recharge your mind, body and spirit at Synergy Healing Centre.

Monthly Treats


Rest, Refresh & Restore with Ayurveda Spa

Treat yourself to any Ayurveda Packages and get a complimentary Synergy Herbal Facial! From its ancient origins in India, Ayurveda has now spread all over the world. Our Ayurveda Spa will let you discover a journey of fulfillment through tailored therapies and complete mind-body experiences.

We provide you with Ayurvedic Consultation and Treatment, from Abyangam full body massage, Marma pressure point therapy to Shirodhara a therapy that involves gently pouring of oil over forehead and through the rhythmic movement of the therapist’s massage… you will find yourself feeling relaxed and calmer. Udwarthanam is a unique dry therapeutic deep tissue massage using dry herbal powder that helps with weight loss reduction and cellulite. If you are suffering from arthritic pain, or you have sprains and swelling… try the magic of Elakkizhi, a bundle of healing herbs is dipped in warm oil and massage over entire body with gentle pressure.

These are just few of the Ayurvedic treatments that we are offering to restore tranquility and balance. Give us a call or visit us to find out more, our team of wellness specialists will be more than happy to assist you!

A Day of Pampering

We all need to hit the refresh button once in a while and there’s nothing better than a relaxing spa day at Synergy to unwind and switch off!

Avail our Day Package now and enjoy the following:

• Expert consultation with our wellness Doctors

• 60 minutes massage

• Synergy Herbal Facial

• Thermal Suite Session (sauna, jacuzzi, cold pool & steam room)

• A fresh salad and a fresh juice from Synergy Café


Transform your Body with our Reformer Class and Join our Full Moon Yoga

Get lean, long and strong at our Pilates Reformer classes! The reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Reformer Pilates was invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. The practice is on a bed-like frame that uses diverse weighted spring arrangements to create resistance when we move the carriage back and forth. If you are a beginner, we will walk you through the techniques slowly and once you've got a few of the sessions under your belt, you can slide on over to our regular classes. 

The reformer helps to strengthen your core muscles and increase your flexibility and is great cross training for other sports. 

Your first introduction class is complimentary, Reformer Intro is available every Friday for ladies and Saturday for Mixed group.

If you want to discover your inner peace with your mat, you are invited for an evening of relaxation on our Full Moon Yoga with Dr Amarayya. Join us on Monday, 14th October from 8pm to 9pm, simply email us or give us a call to reserve your spot.




Got you in the mood for more plant-based fare? Try our new Salad Menu at Synergy Café! Our skillful chefs have curated some healthy and delicious treats using fresh and seasonal produce to keep your body energized.

Click here to view our Salad Menu

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