January 2019

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moon yoga

A new you in the New Year

It’s the start of the New Year, and an excellent time to focus on a better, healthier and happier you. Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition – but the problem is they tend to peter out. 

 But not in 2019! This year, let Synergy help you make a tangible difference to your health and well-being. First, we’d like to invite you to a complimentary full moon yoga class on Monday, Jan 21st between 8-9 PM. Please arrive 10 mins early for registration and set up for the class.

At Synergy, our wellness story centers around you and your needs – from the minute you step through the door. Expert consultations identify exactly what you need to get on the road to spiritual, physical and mental well-being. We believe in holistic treatments that fuse disciplines to unlock powerful benefits for you.

So take advantage of our spa and massage treatments that address chronic pain and promote overall health. Your wellness journey benefits from the latest methods and facilities – from hot and cold plunge pools to infrared sauna and steam rooms – all overseen by expert practitioners. 

Alternatively, explore our advanced physiotherapy sessions to experience free movement like never before. We open up a world of pain-free mobility relying exclusively on caring hands that work wonders on muscles and joints. Or join us for innovative hydrotherapy sessions where we maximize the potential of water in its many forms to offer a relaxing well-being experience. 

So make this New Year’s resolution count. And count on Synergy to support you in meeting your goals. We look forward to helping you be the best you can. Happy 2019!



Season’s Comfort at Synergy

It’s the winter, and everyone can do with a few special experiences to beat the January blues. That’s why we’ve launched our special Season’s Comfort Package, where you get a Mediation or Yoga class with a two-course lunch special for just AED 89! Synergy is more than just a place for therapy and exercise. It’s a social hub of well-being and we want you to be part of the community. Bon appetite!



Wake up and smell the coffee

 Or rather, inhale the delightful aroma of our BareCare Coffee Scrub – made with the finest raw ingredients. It has become one of our most desirable products, with the caffeine delivering a refreshing rejuvenating tingle upon application. 

 Not just that, but caffeine applied topically to the body increases blood flow, leading to healthy skin with a more even tone. It also helps combat cellulite. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant, helping your skin rid itself of impurities. Meanwhile, the scrub’s exfoliating properties gently brush aside dead cells to unveil a fresh new glow. 

 The BareCare Coffee Scrub is available at Synergy for a mere AED 70. So indulge in the aroma of coffee and enjoy healthy skin for a refreshed you today.



We’re at Platform09!

 Join us at 2019 Platform09 – the annual showcase celebrating Arab women, entrepreneurs and industry-leading pioneers is back in Fujairah, Dibba. It’s a wonderful social affair, with arts, entertainment, excellent food and a series of bold conversations defining a busy schedule from January 30th to Feb 2nd 2019. 

 The Synergy team is going to be representing in force, and will be proudly displaying our array of health, beauty and gourmet products – from tea sets and massage oils to skin, hair and nail care. We’ll also be showcasing our menu of fresh juices and healthy concoctions. To make things more interactive, Synergy massage experts will also be on hand to offer instant neck and back massages and speedy manicures. Come visit us at stand xx and be part of the all the fun and energy that is Platform09!



In focus: The superpowers of goji berries

It is the incognito superhero of health foods. The unassuming goji berry packs a powerful punch to help boost your health. The berries are an exceptionally good source of vitamins and minerals, and are packed to the brim with Vitamin C, fibre, iron, Vitamin A, zinc, and powerful antioxidants. 

If that weren’t enough, these wonder berries also contain all eight essential amino acids. A single 4-ounce, or roughly 110 grams, serving of goji berries can deliver up to 10% of your daily protein requirement. And the good news keeps coming, with goji berries carrying complex carbs that break down slowly and prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes. 

We’re huge fans of the humble goji berry at Synergy – and we’re stocking them for you to try. So give them a go and supercharge your health. 

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