January 2020

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HELLO 2020

The new year stands before us like a blank book… For some, this means setting health goals, such as losing weight, following a healthier diet, and starting an exercise routine. Focusing on your overall well-being is a great way to improve yourself in the new year ahead and we at Synergy Healing Centre will help you achieve your long-term goals.

We are excited for the New Year to unfold and we would love to share the journey with you! May the new year bring you warmth, love and light to guide your path to a positive destination.

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Come steep in the wisdom of your heart and nourish your most promising expectations for the coming year. Practice to celebrate, reflect and renew your commitment to living more fully with our Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes.

Begin with a dynamic Vinyasa, then be taken through a Restorative body scan and end with a guided meditation to cultivate deep connection and heart awareness. Learn about manifesting what you want in this pivotal year through our beautifully balanced classes. You are welcome to join us for a complimentary evening meditation session with Dr. Amar on 18th January from 7.30pm, please give us a call to book your spot.

If you have never tried Pilates, this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the wonderful benefits of this mind-body method. Pilates is a mind-body intervention that focuses on core stability, posture, flexibility, strength, breathing, and movement control. Our certified instructor will take you through the process and show you each exercise ensuring that you are using proper form to reap the benefits. Your first introduction class is free.

This whole month of January, we are offering 15% discount for all our Pilates and Yoga packages. Check out our daily schedule on our Instagram @synergy_ae or download our app on the App Store.

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We are thrilled to announce that we will be part of Platform 09 from 28th January until 1st February 2020! The Arab women empowerment event Platform is back, and this is the seventh year of coming together to celebrate, experience and grow. This year’s theme is “Harmony”, a space to discover the synergy between yourself and your environment.

Come and say hello at our booth #B07, we have some exciting surprises waiting for you! Complimentary ticket for everyone, click here to register.



Buy our protein special shake program for your daily energy boost routine! Carefully blended together our protein shakes are full of natural organic goodness that will keep you charged up!

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