July 2018

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Celebrating National Dance Day


National Dance Day falls on July 28th, and Synergy is turning the occasion into a month-long celebration of dance. This wonderfully uplifting exercise is a superb way of toning up and burning calories, and uniting body and spirit.

We’re celebrating dance by running great limited-time offers throughout July. First, you get 20% off straight away on our Fusion dance and movement packages throughout the month. The celebration continues with 15% off on all massage oils and retail products in the Synergy store – including our massage oils, body creams and shampoos.

A cool summer surprise


We’re knocking 20% off our thermal suite for you and your friends. It’s a perfect journey from comfortably hot to exhilaratingly cold as you relax in a sauna and de-stress in a steam room before diving into a plunge pool. With waters at six degrees Celsius, our plunge pool is the perfect way to shake off the heat outside and stay chill. Book your thermal suite session today.

Hello, healing water

Experience hydrotherapy at Synergy – where we unlock all of water’s healing and rehabilitation potential. It’s the perfect mix of cool water and healing to beat the blues during the hot summer months. From hot pools and cold plunges that boost circulation and immunity to a full thermal suite that liberates your joints, find out how water is the ideal tool in your journey to health. Your hydrotherapy programmes are designed to leave you loose, limber, detoxed and de-stressed. Book your session today.

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