March 2019

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Take her away for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day – and time to show your mom how much you appreciate her. And what better way than treating her to a special Mother’s Day package at Synergy?

We’re going to make it all about her and give her the most precious gift - time to herself. We’ll create a pampering experience par excellence to help her relax and unwind.

Our Mother’s Day Radiance and De-Stress Package is specially designed to ensure mom is treated like a queen! Our skilled therapists attend to her skin, performing a 30-minute Mukhabyangam facial massage. In this unique Ayurvedic massage, firm pressure is applied to lift facial muscles, activating the skin’s natural metabolism and restoring vibrancy. It’s time for mom to rediscover a radiant glow!

Up next is the Thermal Suite experience. Moving between high and low temperatures, the treatment stimulates circulation and helps the body to remove toxins. Time for mom to be exfoliated, invigorated, refreshed and restored! Nor is that all. A rejuvenating period of rest in our relaxation area is followed by a delicious pick me up. We’ll craft a large healthy salad and 8 oz. juice for her to bring energy levels back to the max!

Price AED 375 (regular price AED 460)



Flax your muscles

It’s been called one of the most powerful foods on the planet. Evidence shows it may help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Introducing Flax seed, the small-but-mighty superfood!

Flax seed, also known as linseed, has been grown around the world for thousands of years. In the last decade, their benefits have gone mainstream as health professionals have embraced them.

Flax seeds can be eaten on their own, or crushed and cold-pressed to release flaxseed oil. They contain Omega-3 essential fatty acids in high concentrations, which are great for healing mind and body. They also have lignans – a type of polyphenol found in plants - which have known antioxidant qualities and may protect against certain types of cancer.

Flax seeds are also an excellent source of fibre. Adding flax seeds to your diet gets digestion moving and does away with ailments such as constipation. Flaxseed oil has been also linked with improving insulin sensitivity and lowering “bad” cholesterol levels to keep your heart healthy!

The Synergy Café has many tasty ways to make flax seeds part of a nutritious meal, so stop by and taste the benefits for yourself!



Movies under the stars

The weather’s just perfect, with long, calm nights and balmy breezes. Why not bring the whole family to one of our Outdoor Movie Nights? Synergy is hosting movies under the stars, free of charge, for the perfect night out.

We’ve got a variety of entertainment movies for you to enjoy with your loved ones. We’ll even provide some snacks so you can nibble while you watch! Call us to check out our schedule of screenings.



Kick back with a cuppa

This month, we’re offering 10% discount on all our delicious, reviving and comforting teas. In particular, ginger tea is the perfect go-to for these winter months!

Ginger has been used since ancient times to spice up food and treat a variety of health issues. A ginger tea infusion can help with everything from heartburn to headaches. It is especially good at treating nausea and regulates digestion beautifully.

Ginger also helps to lower blood pressure and so can protect against heart disease. Used for centuries to treat inflammation, it can help to ease sore muscles and menstrual cramps. So do your body a favour - pop on the kettle and relax with an aromatic cup of Synergy’s ginger tea. Or visit our café, and we’ll be delighted to make it for you!

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