May 2019

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Celebrate the Spirit of Ramadan

It’s the Holy Month of Ramadan; the time of year when we turn our minds to the spiritual and focus on the life of the mind. We reconnect with our bodies through the practice of fasting. We celebrate family and community with the delights of Iftar. It’s a joyful, special time - and Synergy is gearing up to make your Ramadan a very special one indeed.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you every day during our special Ramadan hours. We’ve tweaked our timings to better suit your Ramadan schedule – and are open from 4pm to midnight through the month.

There’s more. We’ve lined up a schedule of holistic yoga, meditation and Pilates classes to strengthen both body and soul. We’ll also help keep your energy levels up with nutritious, energising and detoxifying snacks, juices and infusions. We’ve created a special Ramadan Juicing Programme for you. And wait – because we’re celebrating the spirit of generosity by offering 15% off all our tea-sets, hair and body care products so you can look and feel great!

Our newsletter introduces you to all we’re doing through Ramadan – so keep reading.



A Juicy Approach to Health

Ramadan’s a month of balance, spirituality and reconnecting with body and mind. But it’s essential to keep your energy levels up and make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need. Our juicing programme is the perfect complement to your fasting schedule, and is designed to fit your health needs. It’s the perfect way to replenish vital minerals that might be lost during the fast, and also get all the nutrients you need while detoxing and keeping your energy levels up.

Our Ramadan Juicing Programme is customised to you, and starts with a free consultation with our doctor. We identify the vitamins and minerals you will benefit from most. Based on our doctor’s recommendations, we’ll co-ordinate with the Synergy Café to prepare a large juice tailored for you every day for the entire month. We’ll even deliver to your door if you want! You get all the health, energy and nutrients you need to stay in peak shape, more conveniently than ever before. Your special Ramadan Juicing Programme is available for AED 990 and covers the entire month.



Delicious New Experiences

At Synergy, we love introducing new experiences to your taste buds. Everything we prepare at the Synergy Café is choc a bloc full of wholesome goodness while also being packed with flavour. And for the month of Ramadan, we’ve got two items we really want you to try – the health-packed Tamarind fruit, and our special date cake!

Tamarind fruit is delicious, whether you eat it fresh or dried. And when pressed into juice, it brings all that taste and tangy flavour into a concoction with impressive health benefits. Tamarind juice has high natural levels of potassium that helps regulate blood pressure. It’s also packed with fibre, which helps with digestion and also keeps cholesterol low. And then there’s the hefty Vitamin C punch that neutralises free radicals and keeps you looking younger and feeling better.

Nutritionists like our super-fruit too. They recommend it for weight loss because it contains hydroxycitric acid, which helps the body burn fat and control appetite. Diabetes sufferers benefit from its ability to help control insulin fluctuation.

Tamarind helps your mood too, by increasing serotonin- the “feelgood” hormone that keeps us happy. Add to that its high levels of thiamine – a B-complex vitamin which helps with nerve function- and the humble tamarind is the ultimate mood-boosting food! So come sample the health benefits of Tamarind at the Synergy Café!

And now, let’s talk about our date cake – a local specialty that we’ve put our unique Synergy twist on. In the Gulf, dates are tied to our way of life. Dates are particularly symbolic during Ramadan, and are a very popular way of breaking the fast after a long day of self-control.

So, we’re taking the humble date and elevating it with our unique date cake recipe. Our talented chefs bring a new twist to this Fujairah tradition, and make it a fabulously delicious way of normalising your sugar levels after fasting! Tradition meets delicious innovation in a new way of breaking your fast.



Reconnect Body and Mind this Ramadan

The Holy Month is all about connecting the body and mind. That’s why we’ve laid out a comprehensive programme of meditation and Pilates to strengthen both mind and body.

May 5th is when the start of the holy month of Ramadan coincides with the International Day of Pilates. We’re celebrating this joint occasion with an evening complimentary Pilates Core class from 9-10pm. The class will be led by our new instructor, Lily, who has joined us recently from Australia.

This is a beginner’s class, designed to introduce you to the benefits of mat Pilates – a discipline that works on core strength and stability. Lily will introduce you to simple, precise movements that will tone your muscles, improve posture and help you develop body awareness and flexibility. And if you enjoy that class, make sure you check out our full roster of classes – from beginner and intermediate mat classes and to our Pilates Barre workout. The Barre is a fun and dynamic class that combines simplified ballet moves with Pilates exercises. You’ll walk away with calories burnt, and newly toned glutes, legs, arms and abs!

Moving on, the Islamic calendar follows the waxing and waning moon. So it’s only fitting that we celebrate the power of the moon in our lives through a full-moon meditation session. It’s a free and powerful introduction to the benefits of meditation – a practice that fits perfectly with Ramadan’s ethos of self-discovery, patience and reflection. Your free class is being held at Synergy on May 18th from 10:30-11:30 pm. So make sure you register your place today!


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