May & June 2018

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Pilates and Yoga Season


International Pilates Month celebrates the revolutionary system of body strengthening and freedom designed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, born in Monchengladbach, Germany, in 1883. During the First World War, he started innovating ways to help wounded soldiers regain bodily movement and confidence.

Using springs rigged to hospital beds, Joseph devised a system that would allow bedridden patients to exercise against resistance. His methods proved incredibly effective in getting soldiers mobile – even those who had lost limbs

Post the war, Joseph’s Pilates movement was discovered by professional dancers. In the 60s, he was a favourite amongst the New York dancing set for movements that toned, strengthened, rehabilitated and also improved co-ordination.

From New York to Hollywood and beyond, the movement continues today. It is in honour of this remarkable man and his iconic set of movements that Synergy is giving you a window into the world of Pilates – at a fraction of the usual cost. Join us for a free Pilates class on May 23rd, and book your place now. Also take advantage advantage of our special Ramadan bundle where we give you 20 mat classes for just AED 900 and also throw in 2 complimentary visits to our Thermal suites.

June 21st doesn’t just fall in Eid season but is also International Yoga Day – where countries and people around the world celebrate this ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. Every day, yoga helps countless people knit together body and soul while gaining the benefits of strength and flexibility to boot. To mark Yoga Day while also celebrating Eid, we’re organising a programme of free yoga. Book your place here.

To your good health this Ramadan


The month of Ramadan isn’t just about fasting a few hours a day. It’s also a time of reflection and detoxification of body and spirit. But a happy wholesome Ramadan requires changes to diet and lifestyle. Binging on high-carb fatty at Suhoor and Iftar doesn’t really deliver health benefits. In fact, high-glycaemic index foods cause a crash after a few hours, leading to sleepy afternoons and irritable evenings.

The Ramadan ideal is to savour nourishing slow-energy release foods that power you throughout the day. At Synergy, we’ve created a special menu of healthful concoctions and energising salads to make sure you get the best out Ramadan - with energy to spare. What’s more, we’re making this menu available at 20% off throughout the holy month. There’s a new special every day of the week, so drop by frequently to discover your favourites.

Check out our special Ramadan weekly menu here.

Full moon meditation


Human history is rich with speculation about the energy of the moon. Ancient spiritual and astrological texts have theorised that the full moon is the ideal occasion to reflect, seek inwards and support healing – which is why full moon meditation is considered to be particularly beneficial.

Of course, for those of a more matter of fact or empirical outlook, full moon meditation sessions are still popular and effective ways of channelling energy and finding calm. Evenings are restful, and moonlight offers soft relaxing illumination. A structured class means that a meditation group helps its members sink into more effective meditation.

At Synergy, we’re taking the opportunity to combine a full moon with a meditation masterclass. Sync the lunar cycle to your inner rhythms with a full moon meditation session with our master instructor Dr Amarayya on May 29th from 9-10pm for maximum calmness and mindfulness. Pre-registration is essential.

Our Ramadan working hours

Synergy is changing its rhythm to match our clients’ needs this Ramadan. We’ll be operating from 4pm – 12am from the start of the Holy month. We’re also changing our class schedule, and you can find the updated here.

We’re taking a break on the first day of Eid to spend time with family and loved ones. But we’re open and back to regular operating hours from the second day of Eid, and look forward to welcoming you.

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