Nov 2017

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Stop stressing about stress

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What is stress? Is it a mental construct or a physical ailment? The answer: both. It’s a life truth and can be defined as the sum of our biological and psychological reactions to outside stimuli. While a certain amount of stress can assist the body in gearing up to deal with the day, too much of it is universally negative.

The negative repercussions of stress are as myriad as its causes. Too much stress compromises physical, mental and emotional wellness. Stress has been linked to everything from high blood pressure and obesity to chronic cardiac concerns. In its more acute forms, it leads to panic attacks, nervous tics and impaired reasoning.

However, there is good news. Acute stress can be managed by making lifestyle changes. Discipline is the name of the game. The first step is to identify triggers, and try and avoid them. The next step is to make lifestyle changes.

A proper diet, with a healthy mix of probiotic ingredients, improves gut health and gives you the nutrition needed to balance mind and body, and resist external triggers.

Regular exercise is a very powerful tool for dealing with stress. Calming activities such as yoga and meditation keep you lose and limber – and also ease your “prana” – or life force.

Meanwhile, regular sleeping patterns and eight hours of sleep a night are essential to well-being. It’s also best to stay away from stimulants such as coffee, cigars, cigarettes and alcohol. Substitute these with regular massages, mindfulness and meditation.

Natural medicaments and herbs like Aswagandha, Brahmi and Ginko biloba can also help unlock natural calming mechanisms to keep stress at bay.

At Synergy, we are experts at helping busy people cope with stress. Our highly trained teams work with you to identify your exact needs, and then devise a personalised programme to manage your stress in the most effective manner. Find out how we can help today.

Your Stress Busting November Offer

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Purchase a complete Stress Relief Pack for just AED 1,399!

Your pack contains: 4 Abyangam 60 minute sessions + 2 private yoga sessions + 2 Thermal Suite sessions (30 minutes each).

Offer ends November 30. Package valid 1 month from date of purchase

Indulge in a cup of KRACHAI

Indulge in a cup of KRACHAI.jpg

Hot and herbal, Krachai is a luxurious evening tea that helps relax and detoxify the body. It reduces production of stress hormones, while also reducing chronic and muscular pain. Strength and energy levels increase.

Krachai also seems to improve blood flow to the male reproductive organ, and have a positive influence on sperm production, making it a firm favourite for fertility concerns. Experience the many benefits of Krachai at Synergy today!

Product of the month - 

Product of the month - SANDALWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL.jpg

Heavy, exotic and woody, our Sandalwood Essential Oil exudes spiritual, meditative calm. It is beautifully aromatic, offering an incredibly balanced composition that lingers and soothes. The scent starts with rose-inspired top notes before delving into balsamic and spicy undertones. Not only is the oil calming and stress-relieving but its regular application also prevents stretch marks. Discover the benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil next time you book a massage at Synergy.

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