November 2018

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Beat the blues and get a handle on stress this November

National Stress Awareness Day is observed annually on the first Wednesday in November. It’s a very important occasion because stress is a silent killer with long-term adverse health impacts.

At the first signs of stress, your body enters fight or flight mode. It’s flooded with hormones, with your pulse racing and your heart beating. Chronic stress impacts health adversely. If not managed, continuous stress leads to long-term health concerns including high blood pressure, raised blood sugar, insomnia and a weakened immune system.

That’s why Synergy is celebrating a more aware, mindful and de-stressed you. On the 24th of November, our resident expert Dr Ammarayya is presenting a free workshop from 5-6 pm on how to handle stress. You’ll walk away with tips and tricks to bring stress under control by adjusting your response patterns.

You see, we can’t help how busy our life is. Nor can we always control our external environment. But we can most certainly control how we respond to these outside triggers with mindfulness, calm, and strategies to bring our mind back into focus.

Register for this one-off free workshop today, because spaces are both limited and in high demand.

Wait, though, because there’s more. We’re determined to help you find your inner peace this November, and bid goodbye to chronic stress. We’ve created a Stress Relief Package, where you find your inner peace while also resting easy about our prices. Throughout November, join our stress-busting yoga and meditation classes, and get 20% off on our mat class packages. It’s the best way of working on your mind and your physical conditioning at the same time. This package deal isn’t going to be around forever. It’s running for a limited number of days, so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as you can.


Your consultation is now on us

Whenever a client first comes to us, we start out by understanding their needs. We discuss their health, any ailments they might want to focus on, and their specific health goals. Then, we create a tailored plan designed specifically for them.

The good news is that from November onwards, you can benefit from this in-depth consultation with our resident experts absolutely for free. That’s right – if you’re a new Synergy client, you’ll no longer have to pay a single fil for your consultation.

We repeat: you’ll get all the benefits of a progress plan designed specifically for you, but without the cost. Our free consultations start from November 1st 2018. Now there’s no excuse for you to not walk in and see how we can change your life for the better.


Tea for two and two new teas

Great news for our tea loving guests this November as two new brilliant brews join our menu.

First up is the powerful Tiliacora Triandra tea. This brew, made from the bioactive Tiliacora Triandra or Yanang herb native to South East Asia, is a powerful hug in a mug. The herb is a powerful antioxidant and helps your body cleanse itself of impurities. It’s also been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and recharge the immune system. Tiliacora Triandra has been used for generations to throughout Thailand and the Indian subcontinent. Now its health-giving properties are taking the UAE by storm.

We’re also introducing ginger tea – that old crowd pleasing favourite. Spicy, delicious and reviving, ginger tea also packs a mile-long list of health benefits. The most powerful are its antioxidant properties, and its ability to settle the stomach and combat nausea. The aromatic brew also relieves stress, improves blood circulation and offers cramp relief for women. Come try this delicious power-packed health boost the first chance you get!

We’re off for National Day!

Happy 47th birthday, UAE. As our nation celebrates another year of success and new benchmarks, we’re taking the day off on National Day, Sunday 2nd December 2018. We came together as a nation on the same day in 1971, and are incredibly proud of what the UAE has achieved since. Here’s to unity, prosperity, love, tolerance and good health for us all. We’ll be back with smiles on our faces on December 3rd, so make sure you visit us then!

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