September 2018

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Celebrating Physical Therapy Month

September is Physical Therapy Month in several countries around the world. Physical Therapy Day also falls within the month as a celebration where the contributions of therapists and rehabilitation experts to general well-being are given centre stage.

Synergy is joining in the festivities with a host of promotions and offers.

Purchase any of Synergy’s Sports Physio Packs through September and get a complimentary personal Yoga or Pilates training session. Both these systems of physical and mental balance compliment your physiotherapy and boost recovery.

Alternatively, enjoy a complimentary session in our state of the art thermal suite when you purchase any Hydrotherapy package. Our thermal suites are the last word in rejuvenation, and quickly move you between high and low temperatures to stimulates circulation, exfoliate your skin, and help your body remove toxins.

Then, don’t forget to join us on September 22nd for an exclusive free workshop on physiotherapy to mark the month, with Synergy’s resident doctor and physiotherapy experts leading the talk. We’ll be discussing how important physical therapy and movement are to general well-being, as well as their applications in safe pain management and addressing specific ailments. You’ll walk away with new insight and greater appreciation of the role physiotherapy plays in daily life, and how it can benefit you. Spaces are a bit limited, so register your seat now.


Ringing in the Joys of Autumn

Autumn is round the corner, with the summer months soon to disappear. At Synergy, we’re celebrating the aromas and flavours of the fall with 20% off all our aromatherapy oils and tea menus. Surround yourself with the rich woody aromas of our Patchouli oil, or celebrate the new season with the beguiling scent of Rose. Perhaps opt for the floral, citrusy and sweet notes of our Neroli essential oil. Even better - try the entire range of rich, exotic and relaxing aromas from our range. With 20% off, now is the best time to embark on a soothing aromatic adventure.

There’s nothing like a cup of tea for the cooler months. And 20% off means now is the moment to take full advantage of our flavoursome teas– from the hot herbal goodness of Butterfly Pea Tea to the calming fruity aromas of our Bael Fruit Tea. Explore our entire menu of teas here, and choose your favourite. Or try the entire range at our new prices for a limited time!

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The hazy lazy days of summer are drawing to a close, and everyone’s back from the Eid al Adha break. The team at Synergy is standing ready to help you become the best version possible of yourself – and help you live a healthy, stress- and pain-free life. It’s never too early to start looking after yourself; which is why we offer a 20% discount to students who present a valid student card. We also love our teachers – and they benefit from 15% off when they visit Synergy. We might ask you to show proof of affiliation with an education institution. Welcome back to Synergy, and a healthier you.

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